After a long love i've sold my Roland SH 101. It has been an important part of my production and i've used this synth in most of my tracks. Sadly i had to make space to new instruments so after many thoughts i decided to say goodbye to the 101...

...but since i still love it, i wanted  to sample his power before the separation in order to realize some Ableton's Simpler Racks and still use the original waveforms and some of the most useful source combination.

This library is free for anyone, grab it now and enjoy!

Click HERE for the download

Release notes:

Ableton 9.6 or superior is needed

I wanted to make it polyphonic

After you open the project, you can save the Simpler Racks to your library just using the "save"  button on the rack

I'm not responsible of any damage of your software/hardware, this is a simple Ableton Project

Improvement feedbacks are welcome @

Gear used: 

Roland SH 101 -> Avalon 747 SP -> RME ADI 2 -> Ableton